A Revolution in Energy Production

A Community Hydro Electric Scheme for Settle

Settle Hydro was established as an ‘Industrial and Provident Society for the Benefit of the Community’ with the specific purpose of owning the Settle Weir Hydro Electric Scheme. The Society will generate revenue by selling ‘green’ hydro-electricity.

Any surplus revenue will be used by the Society to benefit the local community through its twin aims of regenerating the local economy and promoting the environmental sustainability of Settle District.

Being a pioneer means that a certain amount of what we do, as in any 'start up' engineering company, however well planned, is speculative. Certain aspects of the scheme were unavoidably more expensive that we anticipated, and the current unseasonably low rainfall has meant a pressure on our cash flow which, whilst manageable, we did not expect. We also realise that the amount of interest in people coming to see the scheme is far greater than even we anticipated and these people have to be accommodated by ensuring the site is safe and accessible for all.


In order to underpin the viability of the company in the interests of our current shareholders, and so we can work on ways of increasing the output, the directors have decided to release a limited number of additional shares, both to enable us to improve the scheme, and to reduce the cash flow pressure. Please go to the membership Page for details of how to apply.

The funds raised from the share issue will fund a public-spirited ‘not-for-profit’ organisation and any investment in Settle Hydro Ltd should be seen as a social and not a financial investment.


If you would like more information please call Ann Harding on 01729 823155 - email: ann@settlehydro.org.uk who will try and answer your questions or check the Latest News for details of future meetings and news of our progress.




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