The Power House

The Power House provides a secure, weatherproof building for the Gearbox, Generator, Control Panels, Data Recorder and Hydraulics that control the automatic sluice gate.

The Automatic Sluice Gate is attached to the rear external wall of the Power House.

Water is drawn from the river, down the Head Race, through the Automatic Sluice Gate, under the Power House, down the Archimedes Screw and back into the river.

The Power House with Bridge End Mill and Settle Bridge
 in the background and the Head Race in the foreground


The Power House
Front view (facing the river) showing the
Safety Guards covering the Archimedes Screw

The Power House
Rear View (facing the road) showing the
Guard covering the Automatic Sluice Gate.

Inside the Power House
showing the top of the Archimedes Screw,
Gear Box and Generator

Inside the Power House
showing the Control Panels, FITs Meter
and Data Recorder

When the river level rises above the specified level, the Sluice Gate is automatically opened allowing water to flow down to Archimedes Screw to start it turning. Electricity is now being generated! A sophisticated control panel automatically controls the rotational speed of the screw in order to maximise the amount of electricity generated at the prevailing river level.

When the river level falls below the specified level, the Sluice Gate is automatically closed and electricity generation is halted.

Settle Hydro Limited 

Settle Hydro

A pioneering community hydroelectric scheme generating funds for local projects