Members of Settle Hydro

The funds to build Settle Hydro were, in part, raised by selling shares to individuals who wished to support the enterprise and become Members of the Society. Members have invested their money primarily for the Community Benefit that arises from the operation of the Society but also from an expectation that they may receive (but are not guaranteed!) an Interest payment on their investment.

Members must be over 16yrs old and invest at least £250. Each Member, irrespective of their shareholding, has a single vote on proposals put to the Annual General Meeting. Members are responsible for electing the directors to manage the Society on their behalf.

There are currently 177 Members of the Society with a combined shareholding of almost £145,000.

Members come from all corners of the UK. 18% of Members live within the BD postcode area. 13% of members live within neighbouring postcode areas. 69% of Members live elsewhere within the UK.

Settle Hydro Limited 

Settle Hydro

A pioneering community hydroelectric scheme generating funds for local projects