Hydro Diary


March 2020 generation was 12,137 kWh. There has been no generation since 20th March.

At 7 am this morning, Saturday 30th May, the hydro was not generating. The water level is currently 54 mm below weir crest level.

The hydro stopped automatically at 6:30 pm on Friday 6th February on a falling river level to maintain flow through the fish pass in accordance with our abstraction licence.

The hydro restarted at 8:30 pm on Saturday 7th March on initially a gradually rising river level. At 5 am on Sunday a sudden increase in upstream level of 550 mm was accompanied by an increase in generation from 20 kW to 36 kW. The river level is continuing to rise gradually.

On Sunday 8th the early morning surge turned into a gradual decline. However on Monday morning 9th, the river level is showing signs of recovering.

By midnight on Monday 9th the river reached a peak of 1.29 m above crest level. Another peak of 1.18 m was reached at 1 pm on Tuesday 10th. Up to Friday 13th the river has been fairly steady enabling the hydro to generate at a consistent rate around 36 kW.

After a steady decline, from 05:30 on Sunday 15th and following heavy overnight rain in the catchment, the river depth over the weir crest rose to 1 metre.

After declining steadily on the 16th, on Tuesday 17th at around 4 am the river rose to 630 mm over the weir crest. The level then declined until 2:30 am on Wednesday when it rose to 1.2 m over the weir crest before gradually falling to 700 mm at 7 am. 

20th March - River level continues its gradual decline while the hydro's automatic control system monitors flow through the fish pass, maintaining it at the level required under the terms of our abstraction licence, to allow upstream migration of salmon and trout. 

21st March - The hydro stopped generating automatically at midnight on Friday 20th March on a falling river level to maintain hands-off flow through the fish pass in accordance with our abstraction licence.

Daily generation totals for March:

Sunday 1st March                                                                  880 kWh 

Monday 2nd March                                                               683 kWh

Tuesday 3rd March                                                                701 kWh

Wednesday 4th March                                                          623 kWh

Thursday   5th March                                                            371 kWh

Friday 6th March                                                                    113 kWh

Saturday 7th March                                                                 14 kWh

Sunday 8th March                                                                  692 kWh

Monday 9th March                                                                 732 kWh

Tuesday 10th March                                                               852 kWh

Wednesday 11th March                                                         736 kWh

Thursday 12th March                                                             869 kWh

Friday 13th March                                                                   735 kWh

Saturday 14th March                                                              507 kWh

Sunday 15th March                                                                 774 kWh

Monday 16th March                                                                608 kWh

Tuesday 17th March                                                                721 kWh

Wednesday 18th March                                                          801 kWh

Thursday 19th March                                                              520 kWh

Friday 20th March                                                                    206 kWh

April                                                                                  no generation


















































































































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Settle Hydro

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