Hydro Diary

February 2020 generation to 07.00 Wednesday 19th was 7,711 kWh

At 07:00 this morning the hydro was  generating 28 kW. 

Generation last restarted at 00:15 am on Monday 27th January on a rising river level.

Generation stopped at 01:30 am on Friday 7th February to maintain hands-off flow in the fish pass.

Generation resumed for a short period between 9pm on the 6th and 01:15 am on the 7th February

Generation restarted at 01:00 am on Sunday 9th on a rising river level. At 2:15 pm the river peaked at a height of 2.065 metres above weir crest.

Generation stopped at midnight on Monday 10th February due to a mechanical fault and was restarted at 07.15 on Tuesday 11th February. 

Generation stopped just before midnight on Friday 14th February due to a mechanical fault and was restarted manually at 06:15 am on Saturday 15th.

Generation stopped at 3:30 pm on Saturday 15th February due to a mechanical fault. River level at the time was approximately 1m over the weir crest and went on to rise to a peak of 1.63m over the weir at 10:15 pm. The hydro has been shut down until the river level drops.

At 5:30 pm on Monday 17th February, after a technical problem with the control system resulting from the unusually high flood level, had been resolved, the hydro was restarted manually and is again running normally. 


Daily generation totals for February:

 Saturday 1st February                                                          804 kWh

Sunday 2nd February                                                            820 kWh

Monday 3rd February                                                            934 kWh

Tuesday 4th February                                                            625 kWh

Wednesday 5th February                                                      414 kWh

Thursday 6th February                                                           102 kWh

Friday 7th February                                                                   12 kWh

Saturday 8th February                                                  no generation

Sunday 9th February                                                               567 kWh

Monday 10th February                                                            606 kWh

Tuesday 11th February                                                            305 kWh

Wednesday 12th February                                                      472 kWh

Thursday 13th February                                                          443 kWh

Friday 14th February                                                                470 kWh

Saturday 15th February                                                           266 kWh

Monday 17th February                                                            131 kWh

Tuesday 18th February                                                            528 kWh

























































































Settle Hydro Limited 

Settle Hydro

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