Hydro Diary


This morning Tuesday 20th April at 7 am the hydro was not generating. 

Generation for March was 8,449 kWh

Generation stopped automatically at 6 am on Sunday 28th February on a falling river level to maintain Hands-off Flow in the fish pass.

Generation restarted on Wednesday 10th March at 6:15 am on a rising river level while maintaining Hands-off Flow in the fish pass.  The river level upstream of the weir peaked at 1.27 m above weir crest at 7:30 pm on Wednesday.

Generation stopped automatically at 01:30 am on Thursday 18th March on a falling river level, to maintain Hands-off Flow in the fish pass.

The hydro restarted automatically at 06.30 pm on Friday 26th March on a rising river level following rainfall in the catchment, then stopped automatically when the river level fell at 02:30 am on Saturday 27th March to maintain Hands-off flow in the fish pass. Generation restarted automatically at 06.00 am on Saturday 27th when the river started rising again.

Generation stopped automatically on a falling river level to maintain Hands-off Flow in the fish pass in accordance with the conditions of our Abstraction Licence.

Daily Generation records

No generation till Wednesday 10th March at 06:30 am

Wednesday 10th March                                                           588 kWh

Thursday 11th March                                                               930 kWh

Friday 12th March                                                                     959 kWh

Saturday 13th March                                                                980 kWh

Sunday 14th March                                                                   901 kWh

Monday 15th March                                                                  762 kWh

Tuesday 16th March                                                                  496 kWh

Wednesday 17th March                                                            211 kWh

Thursday 18th March                                                                   13 kWh

Friday 26th March                                                                         29 kWh

Saturday 27th March                                                                  213 kWh

Sunday 28th March                                                                     760 kWh

Monday 29th March                                                                    881 kWh

Tuesday 30th March                                                                    581 kWh

Wednesday 31st March                                                               145 kWh












































Settle Hydro Limited 

Settle Hydro

A pioneering community hydroelectric scheme generating funds for local projects