Hydro Diary

October generation to 07:00 am, Saturday 19th                   12,319 kWh

This has broken the previous record for October set in 2017 

The hydro was generating 29 kW at 07:00 am today

Generation last restarted at 06.45 am on Tuesday 24th September on a rising river level, while maintaining Hands-off Flow  in the fish pass in accordance with our abstraction licence.

Daily generation totals for October:

Tuesday 1st October                                               928 kWh

Wednesday 2nd October                                        700 kWh

Thursday 3rd October                                             456 kWh

Friday 4th October                                                   883 kWh

Saturday 5th October                                              653 kWh

Sunday 6th October                                                 882 kWh

Monday 7th October                                                780 kWh

Tuesday 8th October                                                891 kWh

Wednesday 9th October                                          838 kWh

Thursday 10th October                                            665 kWh

Friday 11th October                                                  763 kWh

Saturday 12th October                                             772 kWh

Sunday 13th October                                                551 kWh

Monday 14th October                                               565 kWh

Tuesday 15th October                                               536 kWh

Wednesday 16th October                                         464 kWh

Thursday 17th October                                             351 kWh

Friday 18th October                                                   453 kWh


























Settle Hydro Limited 

Settle Hydro

A pioneering community hydroelectric scheme generating funds for local projects