Hydro Diary

January 2020 generation to 07.00 on Sunday 19th was 9,844 kWh

At 07:00 this morning the hydro was generating 20 kW 


Generation restarted at 04:15 on Friday 3rd January on a rising river level.

The hydro stopped at 5 pm on Thursday 16th to maintain flow in the fish pass at low river level and restarted at 06.45 am on Friday 17th when the river level had recovered following overnight rain.



Daily generation totals for January:

 Friday 3rd January                                                          396 kWh

Saturday 4th January                                                      286 kWh

Sunday 5th January                                                         608 kWh

Monday 6th January                                                        674 kWh

Tuesday 7th January                                                       570 kWh

Wednesday 8th January                                                 560 kWh

Thursday 9th January                                                     840 kWh

Friday 10th January                                                         589 kWh

Saturday 11th January                                                    412 kWh

Sunday 12th January                                                       900 kWh

Monday 13th January                                                      680 kWh

Tuesday 14th January                                                      819 kWh

Wednesday 15th January                                                845 kWh            

Thursday 16th January                                                    397 kWh

Friday 17th January                                                          444 kWh

Saturday 18th January                                                     640 kWh







































































Settle Hydro Limited 

Settle Hydro

A pioneering community hydroelectric scheme generating funds for local projects