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Hydro Diary


This morning Thursday 9th December at 7am the hydro was generating 34kW .

Generation for December was 6,356 kWh

At 9.09 pm on Saturday 4th December the hydro generated its 1 millionth kilo-watt hour.


The river peaked at 1.24m above weir crest level at 01:30am on Wednesday 1st December.

Generation for December

    Wednesday 1st December 

786 kWh

Thursday 2nd December 642 kWh

Friday 3rd December

Saturday 4th December

549 kWh

865 kWh

Sunday 5th December

884 kWh

Monday 6th December 663 kWh

Tuesday 7th December

Wednesday 8th December

713 kWh

942 kWh