Hydro Diary

Electricity Generated this month, updated on 18th December 2018  :

Total for this month to 7.00 am on 18th December     10,899 kWh

The hydro restarted generating at 01:00 on 16th December.

Daily totals:

    17th December                    865 kWh

   16th December                     739 kWh  

   12th December                     202 kWh

   11th December                     453 kWh

   10th December                     691 kWh

     9th December                     961 kWh

     8th December                      973 kWh

     7th December                      885 kWh

     6th December                      906 kWh                      

     5th December                      580 kWh

Highest daily figure this month so far has been 977 kWhrs on the 2nd December.