Settle Hydro Diary - July 2015

Saturday, 1 August 2015  |  Admin

As expected June and July have been dry months and generation has been very low. However we have taken the opportunity to press ahead with installing our new “variable speed” control system. The installation is being completed at time of writing and commissioning should follow before the end of July.

The new system works by regulating the flow through the turbine and upstream river level by varying the speed of rotation of the screw, unlike the old system where the screw rotated at a fixed speed to match the frequency of the electricity grid and a hydraulically operated sluice gate regulated flow through the turbine, also controlling upstream river level.

The new system gives us finer control of water levels and enables power to be generated from lower flows through the turbine, not possible with the old system.
It seems the breakdown of one of our webcams installed on the powerhouse, which shows a view of the weir has caused consternation among some residents who use it to check the state of the river before going on a fishing outing. This was a mechanical breakdown and we have resolved the situation by diverting one of the remaining good cameras to cover the weir view. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the temporary break in the service! We are planning an upgrade of the webcams so have not replaced the broken one.

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